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Hand Sanitizers

This pocket sized sanitizer is a life-saver! 

Sanitizer has been in HUGE demand!  We have over 40,000 bottles in stock right now and ready to print and ship!  You can show off your brand and show the community you care about safety.  We have other options as well, but check out this deal!


Neck Gaiters / Bandanas

Wearing a mask isn’t always comfortable and when you are in and out of required areas the Neck Gaiter makes it easy to stay safe out there!  When all this is over, you will have a sweet branded accessory too!  Fun fact: IMAGEN can mail these directly to homes so you don’t have to leave your home office!


Custom Face Masks

If you got to wear them, you might as well look good!  Ask us about customizing you next mask order!  We have tons of styles and options to suit your needs.



Once people start coming back around, they will need to be reminded of the new guidelines you have in place.  It is a great way to professionally communicate to anyone in a specific area.  From floor to ceiling, we have you covered.  Check out these best sellers! 


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